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Ultimate team building

Our Solve, Out Treasure, Out Win  -  Ultimate team building skills are required for this “think-on-your-feet, work-together-or-go-nowhere” event.  In this Amazing Race meets Treasure Hunt, each participant must help to dissect and solve riddles or the crew as a whole cannot proceed. Laughter and chaos summarize the action, on and off the water, as you find hidden treasures and navigate to win the GOLD!

Sample Clue:
"Straight course to the bowling pin, and North 10 degrees,
from there you can see your direction with ease.
Past the dock, to the sand of the beach find "the same",
in white with blue letters, what is my name?"

Think outside the box with visual assessment, geographical observation, engineering concepts and more to navigate and win the GOLD.  Minimum 2 to 5 participants for “fun” event, 10 or more for team competition.

2-1/2 to 3 hours* 
$80 per person

      This event can also be done on land only, without canoes.
             Contact us for a customized event for your group.

*Length of event is subject to the level of physical ability of participants.
Ask about seasonal specials, and discounts for military & locals.
Reservations required. Must be 18 years or older.  
Custom events are welcome, call or email for details.

Cancellations for Tours and Kai Solo must be received 48 hours in advance.
Cancellations for Wa'a Warriors, Treasure, Haka, and Dragon events
must be received one week in advance, with a $100 non-refundable
production fee, or a $50 reschedule fee.
NOTE:  In case of inclement weather creating safety risks, OCA reserves the right to alter or reschedule the event.

Mahalo for allowing us to exceed your expectations!
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