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Lava Petroglyph Carvings
Considered sacred to the people of Hawaii, lava petroglyphs appear at 135 known archaeological sites on six of the Hawaiian Islands.  Carved into Pahoehoe Lava, they are protected as National Treasures, and are a great enigma of the Pacific.  The most prolific and well know of these sites are the Pu'uloa Petroglyph Field at Panau Nui on the southern flank of the Kilauea Volcano, and the 233-acre Puako Petroglyph Archaeological District in Waikaloa on the Kahala Coat of the Big Island.

About 80% of these are cupules, or holes, used as depositories for umbilical cords, placed there at birth to assure long life. There are also prolific circles and semi circles, believed to represent additional births or family members, and possibly an indication of protection by the Ali'i (royalty). The first Hawaiians arrived from the Marquesas Islands as early as 750 AD, and may have brought some of the carving designs with them.  All petroglyphs are constantly being eroded by the environment, so physical contact is prohibited to prevent an increased rate of deterioration.

Our Petroglyph Carvings

Seeing these treasures is a humbling experience, filing us with echoes of drums and chants in the wind. To satisfy our desire to touch this history, we have recreated them, with the exact look and feel of lava.  Each petroglyph is hand carved by our artist, and closely resembles ones she has visited.  Each embodies a spirit within itself.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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