Outrigger Canoe Adventures - The Sport of Ancient Hawaiians

    Lava, Note Cards, Earrings
       Hand made by Hawaiians at Heart

Hand-Carved Lava Petroglyps
Protected as National Treasures, these cannot be removed from the islands. Seeing them is a humbling experience, filing one with  echoes of drums and chants drifting in the wind. To satisfy our desire to touch this history, we have recreated them with the exact look and feel of lava.

Each petroglyph is hand carved by the artist, and closely resembles ones she has visited.  Each carving embodies a spirit within itself.

                  $30.00 each

Ancient Paddler
Living on islands separated by water, and 2,000 miles from the nearest continent, the paddler played a critical role in communication, defense, food supply and exploration.  Today the sport of outrigger paddling is world wide. The World Championship Molokai-Oahu Outrigger Canoe Race honors the paddlers as they race 41 miles across the Kaiwi Channel. 

Figures depicting warriors are prolific, and sometimes found along side rows of marchers, and combined with a Chief or Ali'i - royalty.  They symbolize the manhood and protectorate of the people, as well as the strength of the monarchy.  This image is one of the best known and publicized warrior groups, and is found on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Created by the Polynesians, surfing was carried with them to the Hawaiian Islands.  It was practiced in the nude, and was considered an act of communicating with the Gods.  The early missionaries discouraged it, and actually tried to outlaw it.

Sailing Vessel
The primitive sail design of ancient vessels was the perfect shape, allowing it to catch and use the wind regardless of it's direction.  A similar shape is still used today in the ancient reproduction of the exploration vessel, the Hokolea.

Paddler Groupings
Group carvings of paddlers are prolific on the islands, and often found in lava tubes, caves formed when the crust of the lava flow hardens, and the center molten lava continues to flow out. These may be a record of troupe passage or a tally, or perhaps a representation of an army's strength.

Modern Paddler
The earliest human form carvings had stick bodies, but later "heart" bodies began to appear.  This is also considered the female form by some experts. 

Honu, the Green Sea Turtle, know as the God Kauila, watched over and protected the children, and  brought forth pure spring water for the people.  It is also said that she was the guide of the first voyagers to Hawaii.

The runners played a critical role in transporting and communicating messages, locating groups, scouting for enemies, and more. They are often found in conjunction with warrior figures.

Rainbow Man
The rainbow identified royalty, the Ali'i, as well as members of their royal family.  The rainbow image symbolized protection, and the rainbow itself was considered a gift from the Gods, who had also sent the original Ali'i to the people.

Petroglyph Note Cards

                $19 per pack   (includes S&H)

Three designs: the Paddler, Honu (turtle) and the Speared Fish.  12 cards of 4 each per pack.  Eco friendly recycled paper. 4.25" x 5.5". Wrapped with rafia tie.

Close up of paddler

Packets wrapped with rafia

Carved Petroglyph Earrings

                   $24 pair  (includes S&H)

With the look of Hawaiian Koa wood, light weight yet sturdy, these are comfortable and long lasting. Hand carved and finished by local artist.  Figure height is aprox. 1" to 1-1/8" tall.  Filled gold or silver wires.  Specify design when ordering.

Specify design when ordering

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