Outrigger Canoe Adventures - The Sport of Ancient Hawaiians

Who's Judithpaddler?

Our Paddle Queen, Judith, has been paddling and teaching Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing for over 16 years.  Originally a cyclist turned triathlete, she competed in many Southern California triathlons in the 1980s and early 1990s.  She began Kayaking in Hawaii in 1984, and while in Kona in 1999, fell in love with outrigger canoeing.  For her it's the perfect combination of athleticism, physical challenge, culture and team, and the joy of sharing the sport with others is icing on the cake.

Photos: Above - Judith & Steve at the Puaka Petroglyph Archeological site in Waikaloa, Hawaii.  Left - Judith in last seat, steering a first place team!

Initially developing a beginners' outrigger program for the local YMCA, and providing events for physically challenged kids and young adults, she funded her efforts by soliciting corporate team building events.  This evolved into Outrigger Canoe Adventures, the only Outrigger event production company in the Western United States. Our clients include some of the major US corporations, as well as international companies.

Our combined team has over 100 years of paddle and water sports experience, and are all trained in the water safety practices necessary to guarantee you have a fun and safe experience.

Aloha Spirit

It's more than a word - it's the special Hawaiian Island spirit of caring for others, being compassionate, patience, forgiveness  acceptance, and always giving of yourself. 
       Aloha - hello - welcome
       Aloha - goodbye - take care of yourself - until we meet again
       With aloha - with love

Our goal is to share the Aloha Spirit with everyone we meet, and give them a sense of the ancient customs of culture and respect.  Aloha is caring for the environment, and as stewards of our environment, we respect our waterways with green and clean practices, and we love showcasing the sparking beauty of San Diego's Mission Bay, San Diego Bay, and Newport Beach Back Bay in a positive and welcoming manner.

Paddling is also an energizer, rejuvenating the spirit.  Come share the Aloha Spirit with us as we take you on an adventure in our tropical paradise in sunny Southern California.

Mahalo for allowing us to exceed your expectations.

A hui ho... on the water!
(We'll see you when we do)

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