Outrigger Canoe Adventures - The Sport of Ancient Hawaiians

Hand Carved Gourds

Each gourd is hand drawn, then carved with images taken from petroglyphs seen during the artist's many trips to the Big Island of Hawaii.  As the carving progresses, each figure takes on a life of it's own, expressing with slight variations it's unique inner spirit.

The carving technique used creates divots in the gourd surface, mimicking the chipped appearance of the actual lava carvings. Carved using the best quality and thickness of gourds available* in the United States, these will last a lifetime or more.

Handsome pieces of art, for ceremonial use, or as decorative centerpieces.

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Petro Men

Eight Strikingly bold figures adorn this canteen gourd, crowned with a paddler figure on top.

Various sizes available starting at 9".

Side view

Petro Men

Top view

Hibiscus Flower
One of the most recognized flowers of Hawaii, the simple Hibiscus adorns the top of a small or medium canteen, creating a lovely art piece suitable for any coffee table or place of honor.

Sizes from 6" to 10"

Sailing Paddler Gourd
Large Kettle gourd carved with a double hull sailing canoe.  The primitive sail design of ancient vessels was the perfect shape, allowing it to catch and use the wind, regardless of it's direction.
Note the sun like image to the right of the sail, which is actually a cupule for umbilical cords, with an Ali'i semi circle and family cupules surrounding and protecting it.
Side A

Side B

Paddler Groupings
Group carvings of paddlers are prolific on the islands, and often found in lava tubes, caves formed when the crust of the lava flow hardens, and the center molten lava continues to flow out. These may be a record of troupe passage or a tally, or perhaps a representation of an army's strength

Solid Hull Sailing Vessel
An alternate design represents a solid sailing image.  There are hundreds of variations of images found in carvings on the islands.  Some may represent different aspects of the same image, or perhaps a different meaning, or they may simply be the interpretation of the carver.

Custom Orders
Custom orders accepted, for specialty personalized pieces, awards, trophys, and more.  Call or email for questions, quantities, pricing and availbility.

*All gourds used are the highest quality, and thickest gourds available within the United States, grown and prepared at the Wellburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook, California
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